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Allie Stewart is a freelance photographer whose work focuses on portraiture, cityscapes, and nature. 

Allie grew up in Dallas, Texas and now lives in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition to working on her Masters of Occupational Therapy at Duquesne University, Allie integrates her love for travel and cultural photojournalism through social media accounts for Duquesne's International Office, and runs the university photojournalism project Humans of Duquesne. Off campus, she finds joy in offering the therapeutic benefits of photography to others, predominately through portraiture that allows her clients to recognize their inherent beauty and worth. Allie's work has been featured in campus-wide publications as well as in local art shows and events, such as the First Friday gallery crawls in Pittsburgh. "The Storytelling Collection", a 2018 series of prose and photographs, has been shown in three different gallery spaces across Pittsburgh and is currently in the early stages of a manuscript for publication. Her favorite venture thus far has been using a personal interest in photojournalism to capture her adventures in Europe during a three-month period of living abroad. With that said, she never loses sight of the value of the spontaneous photo shoots that occur in the creative space of her window-walled city apartment.

In practicing photography, Allie finds that the most gratifying part of the experience is using the lens to capture moments, emotions, and sensations that may have been missed otherwise. In sharing her photos here, Allie hopes that you'll get a sense of these pixels of time and the unspoken words behind them. 

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